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“Read it… and Weep…”

morrisseau_1999_super427If you’ve had the sad experience of dealing with the terminal care of a family member, or close friend, in his 70s, who has fallen deeply into Dementia and become totally mentally and physically disabled, because of:

– a lifetime of gross self-abuse, with
– decades of over-the-top drinking of alcohol, after-shave, perfume, Lysol, Listerine, etc.,
– ingested all kinds of hard-time drugs, and so
– suffered from disabling Alcohol Dementia,
– already had two disabling strokes, that we know of, a decade earlier,
– had advanced Parkinson’s for over a decade,
– had been sinking deeply into Parkinson’s-related Dementia for some fifteen years,
– had been in a wheelchair, permanently for ten years,
– had NOT been able to say an intelligible word or communicate an understandable thought to anyone for years,
– had NOT been able to recognize anyone, even family members and close friends, for ages,
– had NOT been able to look after their own personal care, toilet habits, financial, business or artistic affairs for many years,
– had been bedridden in terminal care for five years,
had his Power of Attorney removed for fifteen years…

Don’t think of them as disabilities but POSSIBILITIES…

Look at what Norval’s all white business partners and their conniving associates in the Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society, say Norval, who hugely suffered from ALL those disabilities, and more, was still able to do in 2005…


Gary Lamont, an old bosom buddy of Norval’s, his landlord, and his art dealer in the early 1980s – together the duo sold Thunder Bay lawyer Ken Whent, 216 Morrisseau paintings – sadly confessed how distressed he was that when he visited Norval (above) in May 2005, he couldn’t even get a flicker of recognition out of his Dementia-debilitated and mentally-destroyed old pal. NO PROBLEM AT ALL THOUGH, FOR “ROBINSON POP AND ROBINSON PUP,” AND THEIR NMHS CRONIES – THEY MANAGED TO GET NORVAL, IN THIS CONDITION AT EXACTLY THIS TIME, TO SET UP A WHOLE NEW ORGANIZATION, STAFF IT WITH PEOPLE FROM ACROSS CANADA, DIRECT THEM TO HUNDREDS OF EXAMPLES OF HIS “FAKE” ART ON THE INTERNET, AND WRITE A MISSION STATEMENT, FOR THE GROUP. Just what the hell was wrong with Lamont’s eyesight…!

Norval, they say, apparently didn’t let any of his mental and physical disabilities stop him, in the slightest… even as he lay semi-comatose and totally bed-ridden only a couple of years before what was left of him, finally died…

Wow! What an accomplishment! From the death-bed, no less…

Whatever Norval had, the NMHS should bottle it and sell it.

And, oh yeah! Too bad about your friend, if he didn’t see that the glass was half full… and take advantage of a blessed opportunity, to outdo himself, in spite of a few piddling impediments…

Just like they say, Norval did…


A year after Norval supposedly created and founded the NMHS, his son Christian

A year after Norval supposedly created and founded the NMHS, his son Christian managed to breach the barricade that Gabe Vadas had set up to keep all outsiders away from visiting Norval on his deathbed. Christian who hadn’t seen his father for years was utterly distressed, to discover – just like Gary Lamont had almost two years before, that his Dad couldn’t even give him a flicker of recognition anymore. That the TIBWAP was effectively “dead” to the world already, just as Lamont had reported… BUT THE NMHS AND THEIR CRONIES HAD MANAGED TO GET ANOTHER LAST JOB OUT OF NORVAL, WHO HAD THE MOST DESTROYED MIND AND BODY OF ANY LEADING CANADIAN IN HISTORY. ONLY A FEW MONTHS BEFORE THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN, BUT AFTER THE LAMONT VISIT, THE CONSPIRATORS HAD REMOVED NORVAL FROM THIS VERY DEATHBED, FLOWN THE TIBWAP TO OTTAWA, AND IN THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA, HAD PROPPED HIM UP BEFORE A GALA OF SILKS AND SUITS. It’s the worst case of elder abuse ever documented in Canadian history, a typical example of what “Greedy White Men” have done with Indigenous people, since time immemorial, TOTALLY, WITHOUT SHAME, exploit them for all they’re worth.